Unlocking Yield on Institutional & Digital Assets

Omega empowers our users to borrow and lend against institutional & digital assets to create the most capital efficient way to enhance their yield through DeFi & On-Chain global credit opportunities in an over-collateralized & secure manner.

Our Investors

  • XBTO
  • Kronos
  • Wave Digital Assets
  • Alpha Lab
  • Blockchain Founders Fund
  • Woo
  • Humla Financial
  • Hyperithm Group

Revolutionizing Capital Efficiency for Institutional Borrowers

Everything you need to know about Omega.

Institutional Lending Protocol

OMEGA creates the infrastructure that enables the collateralization of assets at Digital Primes, Web3 Custodians & traditional Prime Brokers. Opening the doors for yield generation opportunities utilizing our permissionless on-chain smart contracts in a capital efficient, secure & compliant manner.

Yield Generation

Once assets are collateralized and verified through our partnered custodians and digital primes OMEGA sources on-chain liquidity to provide our borrowers a net credit from our permisionless and institutional liquidity pools. Borrowers are then able to self direct their net credits across a variety of yield generation strategies through OMEGA’s dashboard in our walled garden ecosystem. We allow for deployment across leading DeFi protocols & CeFi opportunities.

Meet the OMEGA Team

Wes Cowan

Wes Cowan

Co-Founder & CEO

Eric Ryklin

Eric Ryklin

Co-Founder & COO

Eric Fang

Eric Fang

Distribution Lead

Andrew Owens

Andrew Owens

Lead Engineer

Mike Ghen

Mike Ghen

Senior Blockchain Engineer

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Benefits for our clients

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    Increased Capital Efficiency

    Omega empowers borrowers to enhance their net effective yields by minimizing their realized cost of capital. Our ecosystem encompasses collateralization of both off-chain assets and custodied assets as well as on-chain opportunities, all secured within our comprehensive framework.

    This unique advantage enables us to offer our clients access to leverage up to 200% on their treasuries, ETH, BTC, stETH, and other supported assets while staying over-collateralized across both CeFi and DeFi platforms, while lenders remain protected by our proprietary cross-margin systems.

    Decreased Counterparty Risk

    As collateralized assets are held at leading global custodian and digital prime brokerage institutions, both borrowers and lenders are able to minimize their systemic risk exposure.

    World Class Security

    Our qualified custodian infrastructure, leading partnerships, and cutting-edge margin systems allow us to create a safe and frictionless environment for our clients. The Omega platform is regularly audited by leading cybersecurity firms to ensure safety of borrower/lender funds.

    True Ease of Use

    Our walled garden ecosystem and toolkits allow for our clients to be able to access both decentralized and real world financial opportunities while simultaneously providing detailed portfolio metrics.

    Improved Deal Flow Visibility

    Omega looks to improve the fragmentation that has historically existed across both traditional credit market and decentralized financial protocols

    We are actively partnering with leading asset managers to provide world class opportunities to our institutional clients.

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